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I have successfully experimented with the beekeeping of bees in a ceramic hive patented by Innovation. The hive is perfectly insulated and solves the problem of humidity in hives, prevents the development of fungi, bacteria, mites. The hive device is easy to use and more comfortable than wooden. Surprisingly, we found that ceramic bee honey bees give about 30% more honey, and honey has great qualities.

Yusein Mehmed
a long-time beekeeper with over 100 hives

The training gave me the opportunity to meet with specialists from different spheres of activity. The teachers Nikolay Dobrev and Miroslav Dimitrov have serious practical experience and are open to sharing their experience, with most things applicable in everyday life. I like that Terra has taken care of a facebook group to share useful information on topics from their trainings.

Plamen Monev
participant in training of CPE Terra

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