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"Innovationtech" Ltd. - owner and successor of the activity of the only one in the country "Institute of Ceramic and Road Engineering" - Debelets. The company was established in 2006 as the successor to the activity of ICRE Ltd. and has its own production base in the town of Debelets, Veliko Tarnovo. Since its inception, the main business activities of the company are: engineering, design, re-construction commissioning - of each of the units that make up the ceramic factory.


ICRE was established

The Institute of Ceramic and Road Engineering was founded in 1963 as the basis for development and implementation of machines and equipment in the field of ceramic and road engineering. Over the years, it has been established as a development center for new technologies for building materials and their respective machinery and facilities. Buying licenses and technology transfer from Western European firms, Handle, Keller, Lingle and Morando, turns ICRE into a worthy competitor on the global market.


"Inovationtech" Ltd. was established

In 2006, the company "Innovationtech" Ltd. was established, which is engaged in the implementation of the latest innovations in the products, engineering, design, reconstruction and commissioning of each of the units that build the ceramic factory.


The foundation "Terra theos ceramica"

Since May 2012, "Innovationtech" Ltd. is a co-founder of a foundation specializing in the research, research, testing and implementation of new building materials - Terra Theos Ceramics. Through the international collaboration of scientists, the foundation is preparing its first projects to create a solar ceramic module, which, on the principle of photovoltaics, serves as a lining and skeletal element but also as a source of light and heat.


CTE Terra was established

CPE Terra was established on December 11 and is specialized in writing and oral training, document certification services, educational counseling and language training, serving both corporate clients and private individuals.

Specialized library

It has been kept since the establishment of the institute to date and is being enriched with new titles and specialized magazines. For its competitiveness, Inovationtech Ltd. relies on its long experience in the branch, highly qualified engineering team, preserved and developed project and technological documentation, archived reports of deposits and stocks of raw materials, chemical and technological analyzes from 1967 to 2012, preserved and developed contacts with suppliers and subcontractors.

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